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Puzzle 4: Themeless 3

Another themeless! Is this becoming a themeless-only blog? Probably not, but who can say for sure.

This one started with 27-Across, followed quickly by 23-Down and 30-Across. The grid feels a bit strange to me since it doesn't have any stacks, which makes it look (to me) like it should have more than 72 words. But it doesn't! It's hardish, and (as always) I hope it's a fun solve. 

Finally, if you haven't already, you should absolutely read Kameron Austin Collins' notes from his Feb 6 NYT puzzle. Also, check out the Expanded Crossword Name Database that Erica Hsiung Wojcik organized, and submit more names!

puz / pdf


  1. Really fun cluing style! 6D and 23D especially. 31D and 60A also got nice chuckles out of me :) 38A is maybe playing a little too fast and loose with the meanings of words for my taste, but perfectly gettable of course.

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it! And fair about 38A- it definitely abandons the literal meaning


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